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International Health Insurance Plans

Insurers RelationshipInsurers Relationship
 International Health insurance plans has developed excellent relationship with the world's largest and most respected Medical Insurance providers.
These relationships allow our highly trained advisors to help administer your coverage wherever your country of residence may be located. Your may be an individual, a family, a group, a  sports club or a social club.
For groups we can offer premium discounts on Health insurance and customize your coverage for reflect your personalized needs.
Ask now for your Free Personalized quotation to find out the best plan to suit your needs.

International Health Insurance plans Seal Quality of Service

Here at International Health Insurance plans we understand that choosing the best Healthcare plan according to your own need is not always an easy task. Our advisors are dedicated to offer you unbiased advice in all circumstances.

We offer International Medical Insurance plans worldwide in many countries overseas. Whether you are in need of a short term Health insurance or a long term medical insurance we can help yourself and your relatives.

Choosing your International medical insurance with us has never been so easy; we will do all the hard work for you by selecting the best Healthcare provider that offers you the best health insurance benefits wherever you may be. Our admin team is always here to support you.

The best part is that our advice, expertise and Healthcare support is free ! We guarantee that you will never have to pay for an advice.

Choose you Health Insurance Plan

International Health Insurance Coverage for Families

International Healthcare protection
Individual Expatriate Health Insurance
International Individual expatriates Medical Insurance Plans are designed for citizens living overseas. The plans are annual and also fully renewable. We offer these plans for all ages and all profiles.
Family Expatriate Healthcare plans
Family International Medical Insurance Plans are designed for family living overseas. Whether or not you have children, the plans are built according to the size of your family.
Group Health Insurance
International Health Insurance Plans designed for Groups of three or more persons. We can develop customized coverage plans and offer premium discounts.


Protect Yourself and your family from unexpected diseases: with an Expatriate Health Insurance, Travel Health Insurance or a Travel Insurance you can cover yourself for unexpected diseases or accident that may arise while on a short trip or when traveling overseas. As an International medical insurance broker we have developed an International Healthcare expertise which we will use to help you choose the best medical insurance according to your profile. If you are looking for personal accident coverage or life insurance we can help, please contact one of our highly trained advisor for a free quote.  Before traveling overseas please consult our worldwide countries insurance page which will provide you with major insights about Healthcare systems in place in a particular country. Each type of trip requires a specific type of cover; short trips to a foreign country usually require you to choose a travel insurance, whereas moving out overseas to a remote country for at least 6 months you may prefer to choose a full International Health Insurance plan to cover yourself, your family or your relatives from long term unexpected diseases or accident.

Get an instant quote
: our professional team of advisors is here to support and guide you through all steps leading to the best International Health Insurance for your own Healthcare needs. Choosing an International Healthcare plan is an important decision. Our extensive International Healthcare experience suggest that the choice of the best Health insurance plans can be deceiving as there are a lot of factors to take into account when choosing a medical insurance plan. Whether you are looking for an International individual health insurance, a family medical insurance or a group Healthcare plan the quote we offer you is guaranteed free. We will make the health insurance quote available to your specific needs and health coverage priorities should you looking for an Hospitalization only Health Insurance plan, and Hospitalization & Outpatient medical insurance. We will make the free quotation easy to read so that you may have an overview of the best International Healthcare plan for yourself at a glance.

Safeguard yourself while traveling: choosing either an International Health Insurance or a Travel Insurance protection. We have selected for you top International Health Insurance providers which provide reliable healthcare insurance plans. Whether you travel in your country of residence or to a foreign country our skilled professionals team will advise you the best International Health Insurance plan so that you can travel with confidence and enjoy the best International Healthcare plan wherever you are located. Whether you need an affordable and competitive Healthcare insurance plans when traveling we will make sure you have the most suitable medical insurance plan. Some of our International Health Insurance plans include medical repatriation and evacuation as well well as other unexpected personal accident coverage that will give you peace of mind during when traveling. We offer both single trip travel insurance as well as multi-trip travel insurance so that you can be covered for the exact length of time you require.

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