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Choose a Healthcare plan


In order to choose the International Health Insurance which is right for you it is important to assess your needs and priorities in terms of Healthcare.

1- Do you need full Healthcare coverage?

Most Insurance companies offer several level of coverage. Typically, Healthcare levels of cover are Hospitalization, Outpatient, Dental and Maternity cover.
An Hospitalization only plan will cover major risks such as accidents, diseases or surgery leading to an Hospitalization.
This Healthcare level of cover is the most important as the cost of an Hospitalization can be very high, so it is recommended to enroll on an international Healthcare plan to benefit from this level of cover at the very least.

Generally, International Health Insurance plans offer Outpatient cover as an option. Outpatient benefit allow you to go and see doctors (Gps, Specialists and prescribed medication). Choosing a health insurance plan with Outpatient benefits may not be necessary in countries which offer low cost Outpatient visits to doctors.

Dental care also comes as an option in many international medical insurance plans. It typically has a waiting period before you can benefit from Dental coverage. Some Healthcare plans also offer Dental cover for major dental treatment. Typically, most health insurance plans with orthodontic cover are most expensive. This is to reflect the higher cost of these dental treatment.

Maternity cover most always come with waiting periods which are generally between 8 and 12 months. Is is advisable to define whether you wish to include Maternity into your Health insurance plan as it can increase your healthcare premiums substancially.

2- Define your priorities

Are you looking for the most inexpensive Healthcare plan or the best offer within a healthcare cover range?
Very inexpensive Health Insurance plans should at least include Hospitalization cover.
On the other hand you may prefer an International Health Insurance plan with more flexibility. Choosing a healthcare plan with Outpatient cover or Dental will provide you with more options should you go and see a doctor when traveling overseas. Expatriates doctor fees for example are generally higher than local doctor fees. A medical insurance plan with Outpatient cover will provide you with the choice to consult any doctor you wish in any medical facility without restriction.

Taking a Maternity option coverage will also provide will more flexibility regarding the moment you wish to fall pregnant as the earlier you take maternity coverage the earlier your healthcare plan  maternity waiting period will expire.

3- Compare the Health Insurance plans

Ask for a free Health Insurance quote and compare the plans available to you. It is important to choose a knowledgeable Health Insurance broker which will explain you the difference between the Healthcare plans. When choosing over a range of International plans you may evaluate whether you need to move out to new locations overseas. A suitable International Medical Insurance plan will allow you to  move out from one country to another location worldwide without the hassle to reapply.

You may also want to compare the optional levels of cover offered by the Health insurance providers such as emergency evacuation, repatriation, medical checkups or maternity cover benefits.