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A+ International Insurance: No compromise on the quality of their Healthcare products

As an insurance broker, International Health Insurance plans can offer you a unique overview of rates from several Health insurance providers insurers and Healthcare service providers.

You are provided with the best premiums and coverage options customized to your specific Health Insurance needs. The quoted premiums are exactly the same as the insurers; you will then not pay more choosing us as your Healthcare advisor.

A+ International Insurance is one of the highest ranking International medical insurance provider located in Switzerland.

A+ International health insurance products are designed for individuals, family, organization as well as international businesses, A+ International Insurance is capable to provide policyholders with very high quality of cover.

A+ offers a large network of Professional Healthcare and partnerships which have been increasing over the last 40 years. A+ has continuously during the last decades been offering high quality Health insurance products.


A+ International Insurance: an efficient International Healthcare administration

With over 650 employees in 180 countries around the globe A+ can provide its policyholders very high quality assistance whenever need be.

A+ also offers a comprehensive multilingual support line 365 days per year, working 24 hours a day.

A+ international insurance is swift to take action for medical emergencies as well telephone enquiries made by their customers overseas while being capable to offer a fast support to their policyholders through their quality Healthcare global network.

Protecting International expatriates worldwide, A+ international insurance can help whenever unexpected issues happen to International clients traveling overseas.

Their efficient administration, and quick response to Outpatient claims, A+ reached a portfolio of more than 300,000 satisfied customers; proving their world class quality value as an International Healthcare provider.

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