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Aetna: a Worldwide acclaimed Health Insurance leader

Aetna Strength
The number factor -- What tips the balance for their customers, is primarily the flexible cover as well as the affordable rates. Moreover, the fact that Aetna boasts of the highest number of healthcare providers in USA also helps.

There are an overwhelming 4,681 hospitals plus more than 458,000 doctors, in its network, ready to serve the customers. Aetna

The company also puts out an Aetna Provider Finder for customers to easily check if a particular physician belongs to their network.

Broadly, there are two types of coverage.

The general public can go for the individual health policy and businesses can opt for the group health coverage. If you are an American resident, you can buy Aetna products from any of the 50 states.

Aetna: International Healthcare portfolio

Surely, Aetna is one insurance giant in the American business landscape but it did have a humble beginning.

It was formed in little Hartford over at Connecticut in 1850. Its name, Aetna, was derived from some Sicilian volcano, Mount Etna -- that gigantic and volatile volcano found in Europe.

It has gone through two grave challenges, the World Wars and the Great Depression, relatively unscathed; and maintains a stronghold in the America insurance industry today.

Throughout these years, Hartford stays as their corporate headquarters though Aetna did establish two other major offices in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania and Middletown, Connecticut respectively.
Aetna in present time

Despite being a corporate goliath in American business, Aetna still displays plenty of humility. Over the years, it has put aside millions of dollars to make sure healthcare is accessible to people who may lack the financial means to afford appropriate coverage.

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