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Allianz: a First class International Health Insurance provider

The Allianz Group, formed in 1890, is a top international corporation.

It maintains a strong presence in the areas of insurance, banking and asset management. With approximately 155,000 international employees, the Allianz Group services some 75 million customers from 70 countries. It established Allianz of America in 1974 as the platform to deliver property and casualty coverage in the States.Allianz
Allianz Worldwide Care is another company created to focus on providing international health insurance coverage.

The well-known "clear to zero" initiative has made sure that all adequately filled claim forms are processed, with client being notified and payment instruction out inside 48 hours.

Willingness to stay in touch with the customers, and coupled with a round-the-clock emergency assistance helpline, Allianz Worldwide Care has positioned itself as the top provider for the international and mobile expatriates.

Allianz Worldwide Care’s comprehensive yet flexible coverage means peace of mind to its international customers. Striving for operational transparency as well as service excellence, it never stops working to improve service level and customer relationship.

The customers continue to be served with impeccable professionalism and comprehensive protection.

To find out more about Allianz Worldwide Care and its offerings, please get in touch with one of our offices near you.
Industry Recognitions

Standard & Poor's rated the company with an A- in 2008.
• The Health Insurance Awards' "Best International Private Medical Provider” recipient in 2005.

Allianz AG was started in Berlin back in 1890 and moved it’s headquarter to Munich only in 1949. Its first venture out of Germany was during the late 19th century when it opened an office in London.

During the 1970s, it has experienced tremendous growth by setting up businesses in Italy, France, Great Britain, Netherlands, Spain, Brazil and the United States.

In 2001, Allianz took over ownership of Dresdner Bank, among the top three banks in Germany at that time. The two then consolidated their respective asset management business and created the Allianz Global Investors.

Allianz has offices in 70 over countries and supports a payroll of 180,000 staff. Munich-based Allianz SE is the holding company. Collectively, Allianz group has more than 60 million customers worldwide and boasts of an impressive array of products and services, ranging from property and casualty insurance to life and health coverage, from banking to asset-management.

Allianz offers several international healthcare plans that match the lifestyle of traveling and mobile expatriates.


Allianz: the leading provider for international healthcare and travel healthcare.


There are four common characteristics of the insurance plans as listed below:

Helpline team -- round-the-clock and multilingual telephone lines manned by international staff.
Medical advice service -- round-the-clock phone in service to access pool of medical experts. Customers can query on treatment procedures, nutrition and dietary assistance, travel related health issues and medical background or history.
Medical evacuation -- depending on preliminary assessment, Allianz may decide to extract you out of wherever to the nearest medical facility.
Medical provider network -- in the United States, Allianz has established quite expansive partnerships with other insurance providers as well as medical institutions, so customers reap the benefits of being able to have easy access to over 4000 hospitals or 460,000 physicians.



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