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Cigna: a long term International Health Insurance provider

CIGNA has enjoyed a long spell of success in the insurance industry [it was formed 200 years ago], and today still provides a comprehensive suite of insurance products.Cigna

Alongside with the usual life insurance, dental insurance and health insurance products, there are other types of coverage provided by CIGNA as well.

Such as the Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription [Part D]; both are very much in demand among the elderly community.

CIGNA has consistently been acknowledged for its exceptional level of customer service and boasts of a loyal pool of satisfied policyholders.
Is CIGNA right for you? The following is a list of CIGNA’s differentiations in health insurance coverage over the competitions in the market.
The CIGNA advantage

CIGNA’s products and services are known to have comprehensive coverage on all aspects of customers’ health and well-being. Within CIGNA’s health policies, there are a few alternatives for policyholders to choose from.

One of them, CIGNA Choice Fund is a highly flexible deductible-policy that also comes with Health Reimbursement Arrangement, Health Savings Account and Flexible Spending Account.

Moreover CIGNA’s prescription drug plans can also be bundled with additional insurance options.

CIGNA is a combined form of two independent and US-based companies; Connecticut General life insurance Company [CG] and insurance Company of North America [INA].

Cigna: building future leading Healthcare products


While their operations can be traced as far back as 1792, they only merged in 1982 and became CIGNA.

Prior to the merger, both companies have enjoyed a fair amount of success in their respective businesses but CIGNA took over all responsibilities at the corporate level immediately after the merger.

CIGNA was among a handful of insurance companies that agreed to pay full claims for the Chicago fire [1871] and the San Francisco earthquake [1906].

With the merger over, CIGNA consolidated its products and delivered life, health, dental, and employee health insurance coverage throughout USA.

In 1989, CIGNA extended its product line to include international services which went on to do well. During its bicentennial year in 1992, CIGNA unveiled, Tree Of Life, as the new corporate logo.

In the same year, it also ventured into pharmaceutical related coverage.

For its outstanding work on the corporate web portal as well as leadership program, CIGNA has been receiving numerous awards since 2000.

It has also revamped its corporate culture and started to pay more attention to customer satisfaction.
At the rate it's going, CIGNA will continue to flourish into the future.

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