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DKV: 80 years of experience providing International Healthcare

Backed by 80 over years of exposures in the international health insurance industry, DKV Globality provides world-class services and boasts of an impressive list of service partners.DKV

The company, a strategic unit of Munich Health, is made up of 5,000 professional experts spreading over 26 locations internationally -- providing local assistance and support to both clients and partners alike.

It is owned by Munich Re Group, worldwide leader in insurance and reinsurance businesses, which in turn helps to reinforce the company's financial strength and security.

Important facts:

Key provider of international healthcare services.
Formed in 2008.
Owned by Munich Re Group.

With main office in Luxembourg, DKV Globality represents the new "competence center" for Munich Health. DKV Globality also handles all businesses related to expatriates healthcare witin Munich Health.

In additions to the impressive network of partnerships, it has set up local offices in more than 150 countries.

The company provides its customers the convenience of flexible underwriting solutions, innovative products that insure against dental, impatient at outpatient treatments as well as superior services internationally.

DKV: Health Insurance cover at all ages

DKV's vision: excellent medical treatment, wherever and whenever -- no matter what are our location, age and nationally.

Being the responsible international healthcare manager, DKV's objective is to offer top-notch medical help -- whenever and wherever customers need that effectively.

DKV´s International Health Insurance promises a unique but comprehensive product that has been the results of their years of experience in the international healthcare sector.

GLOBALITY is especially tailor-made for worldwide corporations with multiple local offices set up; this scheme provides consultations, support and care for its international customers -- complimented by extensive assistances while they are out of their residence countries.

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