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GMC Services International: providing Healthcare services in more then 190 countries


Established in 1981, GMC Services International focuses on the needs of international clients with regard to traveling and relocation.

It is among the leading providers in this industry, and among the products that it offers: healthcare policies, repatriation assistance, death and disability care and retirement programs.

The success of GMC Services International is explicitly linked to its impeccable understanding of the expatriates market and thus be able to offer products that match their exact needs. GMC has gone through excellent growth in its short history; today it serves more than 115,000 customers across 190 countries.GMC Services International

By letting the policyholders to decide on the specific coverage that they need, GMC is able to stay on top of the constantly evolving changes in the healthcare industry. From the policyholders perspective, that flexibility translates to appropriate and adequate care when they do need it.

Over the years, GMC has also streamlined its operation and customers are allowed to its network of international claims and direct settlement.

This has demonstrated GMC's technical expertise as well as professionalism that is unheard of from organizations this size. With ongoing innovations and direct communications with its customers, it is no surprise that GMC has been able to have grown this rapidly.


GMC Services International: a strong Healthcare partnership with Mednet

Additionally, GMC also puts together an international chain of partner hospitals called Mednet. All policy holders are entitled to easy access to these hospitals.

These hospitals have been selected on the merits of being able to deliver quality healthcare. So you can always be rest assured that you can receive quality care at any of those MedNet hospitals.

More than outstanding health care, the MedNet hospitals are linked to GMC's backend for coverage and direct billing facilities. When you go to a hospital for outpatient treatment, you can get your diagnosis and leave with your medicine, while letting GMC taking care of the whole billing process.

GMC also emphasizes on quick turn around for individual claim. It is normal to have claims sorted out within two days and placed into your bank account in the currency you choose immediately.

For international customers, they are able to access the GMC's 24 hour helpline if they need urgent help. Professional expertise is always available round-the-clock in case you face an emergency while abroad.

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