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IMG: (International Medical Group)  International Health Insurance focus

IMG, or the international medical group, is focused on delivering services that match the needs of the international expatriates’ workforce.

Customers can expect to choose from its international health insurance plans to meet individual, family, group or company requirement, so that customers can decide on the exact level of coverage that they need.

With comprehensive yet flexible insurance plans and outstanding services, IMG promises that traveling expatriates will always be covered, in any part of the world.

IMG is a major player in the international healthcare market. It has customers from well over 150 countries and it has working partnerships with medical facilities and healthcare providers in many more countries.

The local medical providers within the network will be well-placed to dispense appropriate treatment should you need one while abroad.

With its over 10 years of experience providing healthcare coverage to individuals, families and groups among the traveling expatriates, IMG surely has an impeccable understanding of the international healthcare market.

It always has a product really no matter you are looking for individual coverage for your upcoming holidays or finding group coverage for employees to be posted abroad.

IMG: (International Medical Group)  Health Insurance underwriting by Sirius

Sirius Underwriters, the leading global insurance company, is a premium partner of IMG. Sirius has enjoyed A- rating from standard and Poor’s, which translates to financial muscles and professionalism.

With dedicated staff, attention to details and coverage that reflects the changing world, what IMG offers is always straightforward yet effective from the insurance perspective.

While IMG excels in the area of insurance plans administration, its global partner, Sirius International Insurance Corporation (publ) backs it up with deep pocket and fine reputation, which continue to be in demand in today's business landscape. Rated A (excellent) by A.M.

Best and A- by Standard & Poor's, Sirius International is in sync with IMG's mission in the international healthcare marketplace and at the same time provides the necessary financial support.

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