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Medicare International





Medicare International: a Worldwide acclaimed Health Insurance leader

Since its inception during the 1980s, Medicare International has always focused on providing international health insurance to international expatriates.

With a wide range of coverage that caters for individuals, families, groups and businesses, Medicare International definitely prides itself of being versatile enough to satisfy all your needs.

Being in the business for over 20 years, Medicare International is well aware of the expectations of the expatriates market, and you can always count on it to deliver quick and efficient services all across the world. Medicare International

No matter where or when, Medicare's comprehensive coverage will follow you, whether it is an ad hoc dental treatment or carefully planned maternity care.

With a flexible product line that takes care of all aspects of lifestyles of its traveling customers, Medicare International clearly demonstrates its impeccable understanding of the expatriate communities around the world.

Medicare has its headquarters over in UK but is always accessible through its 24-hour hotline service internationally.

The operators are friendly yet professional and customers usually find their queries on insurance related issues answered.

More than just providing emergency coverage, it also caters for non-emergency cases.

One prominent feature of Medicare's plans is that customers decide where to receive treatment, and at the same time, transport cost is to be borne by the insurance company as well. However, make sure that Medicare 24-hour Assistance Team has agreed to it before you start your journey.

Medicare International: International Healthcare portfolio

Medicare International is one of the few insurance companies which provide lifetime coverage for certain chronic diseases.

This has boosted Medicare International reputation as a committed provider which continuously seeks to enhance the values of its health insurance plans.

Another tipping point to Medicare International is that it promises all completed claims can be settled within 10 days by its efficient claims team, much to the pleasure of customers.

Being able to decide when you want to get treated, convenient 24-hour hotline and claim of fast settlement, all these factors are reasons why more and more expatriates are looking up to Medicare as the preferred health insurance provider.

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