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William Russell





William Russell: a high value Healthcare plans provider

William Russell Ltd is a leading international insurance provider. Since its 1992 establishment, William Russell Ltd has always prided itself in delivering outstanding services to its international clientele base.

Its global Health Insurance plans are especially popular with the expatriates’ community. William Russell International Healthcare high-value plans cover protections on international health, life and disability for expatriates of 194 countries, regardless of their nationalities.

William Russell

Distance does not matter -- irregardless of where you are, William Russell Ltd is able to make protection arrangements through Essential Healthcare Ltd.

Most insurance providers prefer William Russell Ltd due to its high-value and high-quality services in their plans.
William Russell Ltd is an insurance provider instead of an insurance organization.

AGF, the top insurance organization in France, underwrite its global plans. AGF, who is AA rated by Standard and Poor's, has extended preferential terms and competitive premiums to William Russell Ltd.

The administrations and claims are processed in their UK main offices -- and clients can expect good quantity services from the stuff there.
William Russell's Expatriates International Health Insurance Policies


William Russell Insurance products

Three types of global health policies:

William Russell Global Health International -- the policy covers medical bills and necessary evacuation work should you need one, from any location you were. This policy starts from a real basic type that covers medical expenses to a more extended form which takes care of maternity, dental-related bills, including scheduled health screenings.

William Russell Global Health Insurance -- the policy serves the people who want protections against essential and costly medical procedures. This may include hospitalizations, critical treatment as well as emergency medical evacuation. This is targeted for people who want to forego primary medical care coverage.

William Russell Global Health Elite -- it provides extensive coverage for the world over and can be divided into four further categories: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Everything from hospitalization to emergency evacuation from countries of coverage (including the resident's country) is included on this plan.

William Russell Global Health product lets you decide when you want to bring your medical treatment to. William Russell Ltd is efficient in claims settlement. It is normal to have claims settled in five working days from receipt. You then decide to have the claim credited to your bank account or be paid 2009~2020 International Health Insurance Plans. All rights reserved directly to the hospital.


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