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Healthcare plans around the world



 Our International Healthcare plans usually come with 2 types of geographical coverage:

1- Worldwide excluding USA or North America

2- Worldwide including USA

Typically, if you plan to move or travel outside or USA/North America it is advisable to choose your International Health Insurance plan without USA/North America coverage extension.

Some International Healthcare plans still offer emergency limited emergency coverage while in the US while excluding USA from the cover area; emergency unscheduled cover in USA may be sufficient for shot time stay.

The premiums are generally higher if you choose to have Health coverage in the US do to the expensive cost of medical treatment in USA.

All our worldwide Healthcare plans excluding USA/North America will allow you to visit the doctor of your choice, hospital or clinic anywhere in the world apart from within USA.
In order to benefit from Healthcare coverage in USA we recommend you to consider an International Health Insurance plan including USA as the zone of cover.


Our team of professional advisors can provide accurate advice on the whole range of international healthcare plans.
Our advisors have experience working with international medical insurance companies, this expertise can be used to advise you on the most suitable overseas health insurance plan that matches your needs.
Expatriate health insurance plans are global policies providing you with health cover where ever you may be located worldwide.

 Our team can assist you, providing you with accurate detailed information about medical facilities available in case of an emergency.

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