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Group Healthcare benefits guide





 Group medical insurance plans -  inpatient benefits:

 Similar to the international health insurance policy, Group healthcare offers multiple levels of coverage.

The first level coverage for Group medical insurance plan would be hospitalization (or inpatient) which pays for related medical fees in case of hospitalization.

 This would typically cover for the hospital and clinic room when you (or your spouse/children within your policy) are hospitalized.  Additionally, it would also include the corresponding treatment.

 Group medical insurance Inpatient plans cover hospital daycare services as well, ranging from medication costs, medical examination (MRIs, CT scans, x-rays, and a host of laboratory tests...) plus prescribe medication.

Surgery is usually grouped within hospitalization benefits, it doesn't matter if it is inpatient surgery or not.


Group health insurance plans - outpatient benefits:

 Group healthcare products include coverage for outpatient services.  Group outpatient health insurance would usually take care of the medical fee in association with your consultation with GPs or specialists.

 Your dependents will be on the coverage as well in the case of prescribe medication.  The Group health insurance benefits are further extended to include medical and lab tests such as MRIs, x-rays, CT scans... More and more complimentary medicines have been included as options to basic medical insurance plan for Groups and some of these are psychiatric treatment, Homeopathy, Chiropractor, and acupuncture.


Group Health Insurance Plan - Maternity benefits:

Generally healthcare providers will only provide benefits related to maternity in the form of optional coverage and its coverage would come with waiting periods - the length of time would vary across healthcare providers.  Some examples of maternity coverage are pre-delivery test, diagnostic test, or complications.  Additional coverage could be made available for post-delivery or new-born coverage.


Group Health Insurance Plan -  Dental Care benefits:

 The healthcare industry broadly divides dental benefits into "routine dental" or "major dental treatment".  However, different medical insurance policy may carry different terms on dental benefits, so your coverage could be either just one or both of them.  Paradontics or Orthodontics treatment is typically considered as "major dental treatment".

 Similar to maternity benefits, there is also an associated waiting period for dental benefits.  Please check your Group medical insurance plan for details.


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