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Group Healthcare Plans





Group and Corporate Medical Insurance Policies

 Corporate Medical Insurance policies are renewable.  Subject to total number of staff you may want to include in this policy, we can extend you additional Group health insurance premium discounts.  Our corporate healthcare products are designed to deliver more flexibility and maximum benefits.  Compared against regular medical insurance products, customers are able to have their entire policies tailor-made according to their specific requirements.

We understand there are a number of international medical insurance products to choose from.  If you face difficulty in selecting the most appropriate one, our well-trained staff would be more than pleased to walk you through the details.
You can always reach us through a toll-free phone number from anywhere in the world for assistance and free quote.

Coverage and safety for Your Employees

Without fail, corporate medical insurance products can always be extended and they don't discriminate people from different age groups.  Customers are free to decide the level of covered required: hospitalization only healthcare cover, hospitalization & outpatient medical insurance, chronic condition, dental and maternity coverage.  Please refer to our corporate insurance table of benefits.
Additionally, our health insurance also extends to spouse and children of customers.  We strongly recommend customers to pick up this option to enjoy additional premium discounts. Certain group health insurance products and also you additional coverage such as medical checkups, vaccination or even chiropractor services.

Possible direct settlement facilities

 Subject to the country of residence, customers may choose group medical insurance products with direct settlement facilities; such facilities make it possible that you could seek consultation with a doctor without having to pay first and claim back later. Once you have decided on your requirement of group medical insurance, our professional staff will come out with a group insurance free quotation that matches your requirement accordingly, for example the staff number within your company and their specific locations.

Group Health insurance plans gives flexibility

 Group medical insurance affords you tremendous flexibility and it can be extended to have dental or maternity coverage, chronic conditions cover, travel insurance, personal accident etc.

 We also offer excess (deductible) to reduce the policy administration and make sure that your premium for group medical insurance plan is kept low. A table of benefits for corporate medical insurance products is included in this website.  You will have a clear understanding by comparing the various benefits on offer from individual international medical insurance provider.  The table of benefits is designed with both simplicity and clarity in mind.

 This health plan benefit table is split into four categories: hospitalization (inpatient) benefits, outpatient benefits, maternity benefits and dental benefits. International health plan benefits like those related to outpatient, maternity, dental, emergency evacuation or repatriation can be included with the main hospitalization plan benefits.

We have prepared a comprehensive free group Health Insurance benefits guide listing all benefits you may have with your International Health Insurance plan.

Get free guidance in the choice of your group healthcare plan: Guidance will also be provided so that you are able to select the most appropriate medical insurance policy from a range of medical insurance policies from the top international health insurance providers. Again, in certain countries, our group medical insurance policies have built-in direct billing and e-mail outpatient claims, in order to streamline the claim process for your company.  Such group medical insurance policies are applicable to companies of all sizes, big, medium and small, so you can easily select a policy that best matches your requirement.

Get an instant Group Insurance quote
Get in touch with us for a free quote on medical insurance as well as a customized health insurance benefits table that reflects your specific healthcare needs. In order to benefit from a Corporate scheme you need at least a group of 3 three persons. We can develop customized plans for you and offer discounts to groups larger than three persons.
Plans can be personalized to have specific levels of cover depending on group member position level and can include dental, maternity, travel, chronic conditions, personal accident, etc. We can also include an excess (deductible) to keep the policy administration and keep premiums low. If you are interested in setting up a group, please request a
Free Quote so that we can better understand your needs.

Health Insurance improved coverage: Group plans usually have the same or improved coverage than individual plans. Plan premiums depend upon where group members live and upon their ages but do not depend on occupation or country of origin.
The plans are not exclusive to one country so if a member of the group moves out to a new country, the coverage can be taken with them. Furthermore, should the member leave the group he can usually take out an individual plan with the same health insurance carrier and all pre-existing conditions will still be covered.










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