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Healthcare benefits guide


Individual health insurance products - inpatient benefits:

Like the international healthcare, International medical insurance products for individuals can extend across a few layers of coverage.

The first layer of coverage for individual health insurance plan is hospitalization (inpatient) which normally foots the medical bills during hospitalization.

 It typically covers fees related to the hospital and clinic room for the policyholder or any dependent within the policy.  The coverage extends to treatment received during the period.

Hospital daycare coverage would include the medication costs, medical exams (MRIs, CT scans, x-rays, laboratory tests...) plus prescribe medication.

Should you need to go through a surgery that would usually come under hospitalization benefits, regardless of it is inpatient surgery or not. 


Individual Medical Insurance Policies - Outpatient Benefits:

 Outpatient coverage is included under the individual medical insurance policy.  Individual outpatient health insurance would usually cover the consultation fee as you go to visit GPs or even specialists.

 Coverage will be provided for your dependents for medicine under prescription.  Some other individual healthcare benefits are MRIs, x-rays, CT scans and a wide array of laboratory tests.  Some healthcare providers also include certain complimentary medicines like psychiatric treatment, Homeopathy, Chiropractor, acupuncture as options to the basic individual healthcare plan.


Individual Medical Insurance Policy - Maternity Benefits:

Usually individual healthcare plans would classify maternity benefits as option.  A usual practice in the industry is the imposition of waiting time for maternity benefits, which varies in length from one healthcare provider to another.  The maternity coverage under individual medical insurance plan can be quite expensive, ranging from pre-delivery test or diagnostic test to complication resulted from delivery.  Additionally, coverage for post-delivery or newborn can be arranged as well.


Individual Medical Insurance Policy -Dental Benefits

 There are two main categories here: "routine dental" or "major dental treatment".  Subject to the terms of your individual medical insurance plan, your coverage could be just either one of them or both.  Invariably, more complicated treatments for conditions like Paradontics or Orthodontics are parked under the 'major dental treatment' category.

 Major dental treatment may require waiting period for your individual and family medical insurance policy.


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