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Travel Health Insurance





Short term travel Insurance

Travel Insurance plans are mostly suited to short term travel. They usually offer Healthcare cover from few days to 365 days. Travel insurance plans are however not recommended for extended time overseas as unlike International Health Insurance plans they are not renewable.

Travel Health insurance plans can be taken by citizens of all ages. Depending on whether your travel frequency we can offer either single trips travel insurance or multi trip travel insurance to ensure you have the best plan suited for your travel needs overseas.

When yourself or your family travel in a foreign country for a short period of time, travel insurance plans are particularly suitable to offer you cover overseas.

Its is important to remember that although travel  insurance plans offer excellent Healthcare coverage for short term trips, they do not however offer cover in your country of residence as their primarily goal is to cover you when you are traveling outside of your country of residence.


Travel Insurance geographical area of coverage

As a result, we recommend that you already have an Health Insurance in force in your country of residence before choosing a travel plan. We will select for you the best travel insurance plan according to your specific needs, taking into account the country where you travel overseas.

Ask us for a free travel insurance quote to be sure you are advised with the best travel insurance plan available.

We are a Health Insurance advisor and we will guide you towards each step to choose the best insurance to travel safely overseas so that you can rest assured you will be prepared for unexpected accident or diseases.

The last thing you want to worry about when you travel abroad is your Health Insurance. In order to have peace of mind, ask us for a free health insurance quote.





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