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What are the different types of poisoning?

 A poison is any substance that can harm the body, including medicines and illegal drugs taken in overdosage, household products, pesticides, plants, metals such as mercury, lead and arsenic, carbon monoxide and other pollutants.

 Although the type and severity of poisoning symptoms greatly vary depending on the nature of the poison and the route and degree of exposure, a poisoning should be suspected whenever a person suddenly becomes sick without any apparent reason, smells unusual odors or shows burn or redness around the mouth, vomiting, difficulty breathing, or other unexpected signs.

But not all poisonings show immediate symptoms and sometimes it may take some time before they begin. In any case, if a poisoning is suspected, it is vital not to wait until symptoms develop before calling for emergency medical help, as well as it is critical to provide the necessary first aid, which is often life-saving for the victim.

Poisoning first aid* steps:

1- the removal of anything from the victimís mouth, when poisoning has occurred from swallowing.
2- the immediate removal of the victim from the contaminated environment into fresh air, when poisoning has occurred from inhalation.
3- the monitoring of the victimís breathing and heart function and, if necessary, the provision of rescue breathing and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
4- the positioning the victim on his or her left side.
5- the protection of the victimís airway to avoid the aspiration of vomit or secretions into the lungs.
6- the protection of the victim from self-injury, if he or she starts having seizures.
7- the flushing of the victimís skin or eyes with cool water and the removal of the victimís clothing, if the poison has spilled on them.

 It is important not to give anything to induce vomiting, unless otherwise indicated by the poison control centre, as well as not to administer anything by mouth to unconscious victims.

Any other care given to the poisoned person should be provided in accordance with the instructions given by the poison control centre. In addition, if any sample of the suspected poison is available, it should be sent for identification to the hospital where the patient will receive the specific, definitive poisoning treatment.

 Since poisoning is a rather common event which may occur everywhere, it is advisable to obtain an appropriate health insurance to cover the cost of any poisoning treatment.

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*Always seek professional medical advise from a qualified doctor before undergoing any treatment.

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