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International Healthcare in Algeria



Healthcare in Algeria

In 2006, the state of healthcare affairs in Algeria has come under criticism by the authority in United States.  It published a report complaining about the country still lacks far behind in providing adequate healthcare.  It concluded that there were shortage of both medical physicians (the country has one physician attends to every 1000 residents) and public hospital beds (just about two hospital beds to cater for every 1000 residents).  It also pointed out that it is 87% of the population were not having water access, and more alarmingly more than 9 in 10 residents still struggle with sanitization everyday.  Algeria is a young country with young adults making up a huge proportion of the population.  The strategy adopted by the country is preventative medical measures and with a less than impressive economy, patients tend to favor local clinics over big hospitals.

Healthcare Immunizations in Algeria

 The government is pushing vaccines / immunization all over Algeria.  With preventive measure being the healthcare priority of the country, significant funds have been set aside to roll out national vaccines programs.  Unfortunately, the country is deemed to have done little in the area of sanitation quality and clean water.  This, consequently, leads to a number of medical conditions among its population, various healthcare medical conditions such as typhoid fever, measles, dysentery, tuberculosis, hepatitis and cholera.  On human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immune disease (HIV/AIDS), the latest figures available were dated back to 2003.  The study stated that as much as one in every 1000 residents (aged between 15 to 49) are affected by this medical condition. The Healthcare system is not very good, Algerians have little options to get to national medical support while more wealthy patients could opt to opt for private medical treatments, thus benefiting from private Health Insurance.  The government is putting in force of regulation whereby fresh local graduates have to serve as either healthcare physicians or dentists in government clinics/hospitals for at least five years.  The Healthcare situation in northern Algeria is more reassuring.  The acute shortage of medical professionals and healthcare facilities are not as severe as in the southern region and one can usually find qualified physicians and clinics without much of a problem in northern Algeria.

 This is a country where the demand for medical facilities completely overwhelms the supply.  In case you are planning a trip to Algeria, it is prudent of you to have both your family and yourself adequately covered by a reliable Health insurance provider before you go to Algeria.  This will ease your mind off accidents or emergency medical situations that may arise while traveling overseas.

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