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International Healthcare in Algeria



Healthcare in Australia

In addition to the government-funded Medicare insurance program, the healthcare industry in Australia is pretty much defined by several private insurance providers.  In a move to introduce reform to the healthcare industry in 2007, the Australian Parliament passed the Private Health Insurance Act 2007 Bill.  It spelled out a set of legislation concerning all private insurance practices in Australia.  The country is proactive in promoting insurance take-up rate by its population and the government is perceived to offer incentives from time to time to encourage its residents to buy into private medical insurance cover.

Australia Healthcare and regulations

 The country's effective healthcare policies and regulations have yielded positive medical results and they are both credited for extending the populations average life expectancy.  In this country, the average lifespan for women is 83 years old while the opposite sex is projected to live right to 81 years old.  As good as the healthcare system in Australia is, local authorities still have to come to grips with regards to certain medical conditions, and they are obesity, skin cancer and heart diseases.  The prevalence of these disorders has intensified over the last few years.

 The Australian government adopts a radical approach to the nation's health care.  In addition to the usual mental and physical well being, the local health authorities also put significant emphasis on the social health of the country.  Because of this national attitude towards healthcare, one can normally expect a typical clinic to be able to deliver all three aspects of health care, i.e. physical, mental and social healthcare.  Due to the wide choices available to its population, Australian patients are lucky enough to deal with their healthcare concerns in accordance to their preferences, from both technological and cultural perspectives.

Private Health Insurance in Australia

 Patients who are covered by private health insurance are not limited by their choice of medical facilities.  They are free to decide if they choose to go to a private or public medical facility in order to receive treatments.  The freedom of choice extends also to the doctor whom the patient is more comfortable with.  In comparison with Australian national Medicare, premiums charged by private insurance companies are usually higher.  In that respect, the market rightly expects a far more comprehensive cover that would otherwise be delivered by the national health insurance Medicare, and the public is glad to benefit from private insurance services.  Typical Private Health insurance in Australia extends coverage to physiotherapy, podiatry, optical and dental services.

 For local Australians, Medicare is a great way to be assured of basic healthcare services.  However this national scheme does not extend to tourists and foreigners in general.  For this particular group, the safest way to be protected from high medical costs is to secure private medical insurance for health cover.

Healthcare measures to travel to Australia

 Important Healthcare Related Issues to Be Aware of As You Plan a Trip to Australia:

 The health authority in Australia may subject you to a series of pre-requisite medical tests even before you set foot into Australia.  The kind of procedures that the authority is known to have ordered are: hepatitis B and C, HIV/AIDS screening and chest x-ray.  If any of the following classifications fits you, then it would be a certainty that you must go through the above mentioned medical exams:

 ·                     If you are about to come into contact with a classroom of students in Australia.

·                     If your planned stay in Australia stretches over three months and your last destination involves a country that is prone to tuberculosis.

·                     If you are 70 years or older.

·                     If you carry with you certain pre-existing medical conditions.

 Compares to most Western countries, Australia offers decent medical treatments with reasonable charges.  For this reason, it has recently become a popular destination for patients from Western countries as they flock to Australia in search of appropriate treatment as well as after-care services.  In any case, it is always advisable that one should find out as much as possible about medical related costs before they board a plane to Australia.

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