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International Healthcare in Canada



Healthcare in Canada

Just before 2010, the total health care cost in Canada was estimated to exceed $175 billion.  This works out to over $5,000 per individual in term of healthcare expenditure.  More than 50% of this amount were attributed to the hospitals with the rest being absolved by the private doctors and pharmaceuticals.

 Health care spending in Canada is projected to grow as much as 5% on a yearly basis.  However, the Canadian Healthcare system carries its difficulties.  For several years, there have been concerns about resource shortages in some medical facilities as well as long wait time patients had to put up with.

Canada Healthcare funding and rules

 Traditionally, the Canadian healthcare system was largely funded by the federal.  In recent times, the government has progressively opened up the healthcare industry and this has attracted active participation from local businesses and foreign Health providers competitions.  As a result, a significant portion of healthcare costs in Canada is now attributed to the private Medical sector.

 However, private Healthcare practices do not have an entirely free hand in services they offer.  While the fee is largely structured according to consultation required, the local medical association would provide guidelines on what corresponding medical fees should be.  All private doctors would have to be in adherence to the fees suggested, which usually lasts for a year.  This effectively means that the doctors cannot overcharge their patients and fees will stay the same idea the next guideline is published.

 In a similar way, prices at pharmaceuticals are regulated by the Canadian health authority.  As a rule of thumb, the federal agency would look into affairs which involved a running of hospitals and medical facilities, while the responsibility to manage local healthcare and private businesses is delegated to the provincial level.

The Canadian Medicare Health system

 The government-funded health-care system in Canada is called Medicare in Canada.  Medicare itself is subdivided into 10 provincial programs.  In general, healthcare of military personnel is looked after by the federal administration, while the public system in the country manages the health issues of the mounted police.

It should be noted that the Canadian Healthcare system Medicare is not to be confused with the private Health Insurer called Medicare International.

 Current figures suggest that up to 33% of Canadians are dependent from the private insurance and healthcare providers.  The number is projected to increase steadily as the private sector in the country plays an ever expanding role in complimenting the public system.  It is observed that the majority of them receive such benefits as part of their employment incentives.

 Doctors here are not paid annual salaries.  Instead, their incomes are derived on per-consultation basis.

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