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International Healthcare in Denmark



Healthcare in Denmark

In a move that is perhaps not directly in sync with other Scandinavian countries, the Danish government places a lot of emphases on its national public health care system.  It is essentially a program funded using tax money collected from its residents. 

Private Healthcare system in Denmark

The public health-care program is highly decentralized and it is dependent on pockets of general practitioners who administer healthcare to individual municipalities.  Technically, these doctors are really subcontracted to the individual municipality and they are paid a fixed annual sum.  There are two factors that come into consideration as far as the payroll for Healthcare is concerned.  The first one is what is the average health-care spending per capita in the country, and the other one being the kind of medical assistance on offer.  Each municipality is also responsible for managing the hospital beds.  In comparison, the private sector plays little part in the healthcare industry in Denmark, especially with regards to the number of hospital beds contributed.

Private insurance companies based in Denmark such as IHI Denmark offers comprehensive Health Insurance for either short term or long term Healthcare needs.

Public Health sector in Denmark

 Overall, the public health-care sector is a well-oiled machinery for the local population but they are out of bounds for expatriates and tourists alike.  In case you are planning a trip to Denmark, it is advisable that you have yourself sufficiently covered by an established international health Insurance provider so that you are protected from accidents and medical related costs.

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