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International Healthcare in France



Healthcare in France

The French government has always been a firm believer on the benefits of insurance coverage.  The healthcare industry in France enjoys a tremendous boost during the early 90s as the government went about proactively encouraging companies to grow and expand their Health insurance related activities.

Private and Public Healthcare in France

There are two active sets of players inside the French healthcare industry.  The first one constitutes all the private healthcare providers competing with each other for profit, and the second one consists of a number of "mutuelles" and organizations (or cooperatives) which are not exactly profit-maximization institutions.  Under the employment act, all French employers are bounded by legislative requirement to indemnify employees should there be death or injury at the workplace.  In addition, the indemnification also applies to maternity or sickness.

 Back in 1946, a referendum was conducted in the country and a consensus was reached.  The French people indicated their desire for the state to offer financial assistance to children, women and retired workers (those who satisfy the term socially vulnerable sector of population).  In fact, that served as a re-confirmation of the people's intent as during the IVth Republic, there have been calls to have children and women included in the country's Social Security program.

 Before all these developments, the provision of social benefits were divided along the line of regime general and regime particuliers. These two serve as important guidelines as far as social benefits were concerned. But the country's social benefits program became more inclusive after the 1946 referendum.  It has allowed an additional component called securite sociale, a form of limit the insurance coverage for all the local citizens in the country.

Top up Health Insurance in France

 But citizens did have more choices later on when more comprehensive insurance coverage was introduced to the country.  Then, the government introduced a further assurance "complementaire", an in-between approach between bare minimum cover to comprehensive insurance coverage.

 The social benefits on offer in France do not stop here.  Employees are also entitled to a retirement pension scheme.  This fund is managed by the French government and it is contributed by both the public and private employers. As good as the benefits program is in France, it is out of bounds for expatriates and tourists alike.  The only exemption to this is when the visitor to this country actually comes from one of the EU countries and he or she has stayed over a stipulated length of time.

 Health Insurance in France for expats

When visiting France, private private medical insurance providers offer a solid option to be protected from accidents or heavy incidental medical charges.  Regardless of the type of coverage you are looking for yourself, your family or your business, our advisors can be trusted to provide you with the most optimal help to guide you to the most desired insurance plan.

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