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International Healthcare in Hong Kong



Healthcare in Hong Kong

The Health Department in Hong Kong ensures regulatory adherence in the healthcare industry. In addition, it is also responsible for running medical programs that promotes preventive measures as well as curatives services.

  Additionally, it also function as a watchdog to check on the regular conducts of healthcare providers in operation in Hong Kong and makes sure that Professional Health structures are in place in various medical facilities.

Hong Kong Healthcare structure and organization

 The healthcare scene is very well structured in this special administration region (or SAR). It boasts of 40 public hospitals and facilities. The health authority also spares no effort to make sure that everyone in Hong Kong can access to comprehensive healthcare through an extended network of both public and private practitioners.

 The depth and length of Hong Kong's remarkable healthcare system is also bolstered by the presence of 2 reputable medical schools which ensure excellent medical education and provide a stream of medical graduates to the territory. Furthermore, these is a number of private schools which focus primarily on specialized healthcare; such as dentistry care and chemistry.

Finding a comprehensive Health Insurance in Hong Kong

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