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International Healthcare in Jordan



Healthcare in Jordan

 Jordan is generally perceived as a country with decent healthcare services.  However, there is structure imbalance of healthcare provision in the country.  Except for Amman (undoubtedly one of the places on earth which boasts of excellent healthcare infrastructure), the rest of Jordan is mired with flaws in terms of healthcare administration.  Statistic released by the government suggested that Jordan spent more than 7% of its GDP (or gross domestic products) on the country's healthcare infrastructure in 2002.  But experts in the industry suspected that the actual number should be closer to 9% of the countries GDP.

Jordan Public Healthcare

 The Jordan’s healthcare industry is primarily made up of public and private sectors.  On the public sector side, a number of government ministries and agencies are involved in the country's healthcare scene but Ministry of Health represents the biggest governmental stakeholder.  It takes charge of the country's biggest network of medical facilities (1245 primary healthcare centers and another 27 public hospitals -- which collectively contribute to approximately 37% of total hospital beds in the country).  Another 24% of hospital beds are attributed to the Military's Royal Medical Services (with 11 hospitals under its wing), and also a subsequent 3% more hospital beds comes from Jordan University Hospital.

Jordan Private Healthcare

 The presence of private sector seems small by comparison.  It is responsible for the remainder 36% of total hospital beds in the country through its network of 56 hospitals.  Nevertheless, the private sector has been on expansion drive in recent years.  The aggressiveness and optimism in the private sector perhaps can best be epitomized by the construction and the grand opening of Jordan Hospital (the biggest ever private run and general specialty hospital in the country).  It received a great deal of encouragement when it was included as part of JCI international accreditation program in 2007.  Overall, the medical related expenditure are individual is considered as reasonable, to the extent of being cheap when compared against neighboring countries in middle east, this is due in part to the heavy subsidies from the government.

Infectious diseases in Jordan

Not many countries can claim themselves to be able to escape unscathed from the human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) as this dreadful disease ravaged the international world at its peak.  But Jordan happens to be one.  According to a 2003 report, the prevalent rate of HIV/AIDS in Jordan never went beyond 0.1%.

 In term of infectious diseases, the United Nations development program has declared that Jordan did not report a single case of malaria since 2001.  The country's health authority still has to grapple with the issue of tuberculosis, but it has come long way since the 90s.  The number of reported cases has come down by 50% during this period. The country was never exactly free of quick but short epidemic of bird flu that affects the international world from time to time, but it has always managed to come on top of the situations in impressively quick turnaround, as demonstrated during the international bird flu epidemic in 2006.

 Consistent with the rest of the developed world, non-infectious diseases like cancer are becoming more common in Jordan, among top critical diseases.  National immunization program is aggressively promoted in this country especially among the young children since the early 90s, and today it is estimated that over 95% of all children 4 years and younger have all been successfully vaccinated.

Finding a suitable Medical Insurance in Jordan

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