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International Healthcare in Kazakhstan



Healthcare in Kazakhstan

The government of Kazakhstan declared that free healthcare should be made mandatory for its population. However, the implementation of free healthcare is slow to come. It is not always easy to find free medical services for the local population. In 2006, the parliament in Kazakhstan decided that management of healthcare in the country will come under the state. Healthcare in Kazakhstan seem to have worsen since the great era of the Soviet Union.

Kazakhstan Medical staff and facilities

 It is thought that with the collapse of the Soviet Union, it has led to massive exodus of healthcare practitioners and this directly influence the sorry state of healthcare affairs in the country now. The statistic published is not encouraging. It reported that for period 1989 - 2001, the ratio of physicians to residents is 3.46% (or roughly 34.6 physicians to every 1,000 residents - marking a significant drop of 15% previously) and there are only 74 hospital beds in contention for every 10,000 residents (another huge drop of 46%).  Things have improved since then but the country still has long way to go. Health care investment does not represent the current government’s priority. Kazakhstan was reported to spend 2.5% of the country's GDP (or gross domestic product) on its healthcare infrastructure in 2005. But we could look into future improvement as the government was on record to increase this investment to nearer to a more respectable 4% progressively.

Kazakhstan healthcare and legislation

 There has never been any legislation enacted on compulsory healthcare insurance in Kazakhstan, and things do not seem likely to change any time soon. The industry is also plagued by low wage for the medical staff and antiquated medical equipment. The only recourse is that the country can look to donor countries for new or -reconditioned medical equipment, and Japan happens to be the top donor here. Discouraged by the ridiculously high cost outlay (in combination of bribes and medical charges), the residents here are contend to put up with outpatient treatment, instead of the more appropriate in-hospital tests and diagnosis, with their conditions warrant it. If one stays away further from the cities, one will find the healthcare system even more deploring.

The top 3 disease in the country are tuberculosis, cardiovascular conditions and respiratory disorders. Ever since the epidemic of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in the late 90s, Kazakhstan has never seemed to recover from it.

Finding a Health Insurance plan in Kazakhstan

It can be difficult to find a suitable Medical Insurance plan in Kazakhstan. However we can help you to find a suitable Healthcare plan in Kazakhstan  for your needs. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about the right Healthcare plan in Kazakhstan for you or your family.

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