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International Healthcare in Morocco



Healthcare in Morocco

According to the health authority of the US, there are a number of deficiencies that could be linked to the state of affairs in Morocco’s healthcare industry, the flaws are:

  • Insufficient qualified physicians – only one physician to about 2,000 residents
  • Insufficient hospital beds – only one bed to every 1,000 residents
  • Filthy drinking water – over 80% of populations are affected
  • Sanitation issue – over three quarters of population are affected.

 The healthcare system in Morocco has 122 hospitals, 2,400 health centers and 4 university clinics. However, these facilities are in bad shape and the lack of capability to effectively administer medical treatment is present. Independent reports reveal that around 6 million Moroccan patients (about 50% of which are thought to be emergency cases) are always in contention for the country’s meager 24,000 hospital beds, and this happens on yearly basis. Overall, the country spends approximately 1.1 % of GDP (or gross domestic product) on healthcare industry, with about 5.5% of this amount linked to public healthcare program.

 Infectious diseases still present significant problems to the Moroccan authority but some of the most dangerous diseases are (according to figures made available in 2001):

  • circulatory system diseases (at 20%, this is the top killer);
  • perinatal disease (9.3%);
  • cancer (8.5%);
  • endrocrinological,
  • nutritional and metabolic diseases (7.6%);
  • respiratory system diseases (6.9%) and
  • infectious and parasitic diseases (4.7%).

 It is not all bad for Morocco Healthcare. The country’s Health Ministry announced in 2004 that the country has successfully eradicated certain childhood diseases for example tetanus, malaria, diphtheria and polio, and the country is committed to wipe off other childhood disease. In 2006, an independent report declared that infant mortality rate was 4% (or 4 deaths in 100 live births) in Morocco. This may look alarmingly high by western world standard; but the fact is that this number actually represented a significant improvement over 1981, when the last study indicated that about 91 deaths followed every 1000 live births. No official data is available on the prevalence of HIV/AIDS (human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immune deficiency syndrome), according to unofficial sources, the projections tend to converge around 0.1% in 2001, which means that one out of every 1,000 adult residents (age between 15 to 49) was affected by it.

Finding a suitable Medical Insurance in Morocco

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