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International Healthcare in Netherlands



Healthcare in Netherlands

A major breakthrough in the healthcare industry in Netherlands was witnessed after 2006. The said reform has given rise to a new dual-system. One of them is the social insurance - a public healthcare program financed by tax money which provides long-term care for patients who require (semi-)permanent hospitalization, and it covers the corresponding medical appliances like wheelchairs. The other system comprises of the private insurance providers offering protection from costs related to primary and curative care (these include visits to GPs and hospitals). Consistent with the design of the dual-system, the private insurance providers are expected to include a standard “basket” of insured medical treatments and related medicines in their offerings.

Netherlands Healthcare fees

In addition, a legislative framework was also set up to regulate the insurance premiums - which are based on one standardized fee for all its residents, regardless of health condition or age. It would also be an offence for any insurance company to refuse any new purchase or application of extended conditions (for example exclusions, co-pays, deductibles, or refusal to fund doctor-instructed treatments) to any applicant looking for insurance coverage. The government undertakes the insurance cover for all minors below the age 18 and below and for those less well-to-do households who may find difficulty on insurance premium payments, government assistance may be offered.

 One peculiar aspect of Dutch healthcare system is its risk equalization pool. It is a brand new concept where the fund manager (may be the government or the private sector) accesses the risk quantum associated with different individual person and then offset them through risk equalization, thus enabling one flat rate for the premium. The objective is two-fold;

1. It attempts to persuade insurers not to discriminate or turn away any client who ay be perceived as more risky

2. It makes sure that no person should be handicapped or penalized unfairly because of their age or health conditions.

 The 3 active contributors to the fund for this privately run healthcare system are:

  • The employers, they are responsible for 50% of this fund,
  • the insured employee, they contribute another 45% in the form of premium, and
  • the government, it would foot the balance or the final 5%.

Finding a suitable Health Insurance plan in Netherlands

If you travel in the Netherlands it is important to think about your Health as you may face unexpected accident or disease and have to pay important amounts of money. In order to make up for unexpected health issues in the Netherlands you can ask us for a comprehensive Health Insurance quote which will help you to select the most appropriate Health Insurance plan for your needs while traveling to the Netherlands.

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