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International Healthcare in Portugal



Healthcare in Portugal

In Portugal, public healthcare system provides comprehensive and inexpensive medical services for citizens who are part of the social security system. Additionally it also provides for the household members as well as the elderly out of compassionate ground. For all who harbor a wish to reside in Portugal on a longer term basis, it is worth noting out that the residence application must be supported by proof of Health insurance cover or else the government would simply reject the application.

 In addition, Healthcare private sector also plays a complimentary role to the national healthcare system. First of all, all businesses in Portugal are required to have their employees insured with a Healthcare plan if the employee are aged 55 and below.

The country’s healthcare landscape has undergone tremendous progress since the government initiated a healthcare reform in 2001. However, the Healthcare reform in Portugal has since been credited to have brought in significant Healthcare investment and correspondingly business interest. Today, the Portugal’s healthcare system is an efficient system and a picture of Medical dynamism.

Portugal Healthcare system reform

 The reform was necessary to bring about two changes:

  • to improve the delivery of healthcare services to the entire nation without a hefty tax, and
  • to bring down the public spending with regards to public healthcare.

 Undoubtedly, the healthcare system now enjoys a new lease of life in Portugal but for someone who is not familiar with the system, they may find a couple of things that could be better improved.

 You can find non-essential medication in Portugal easily, but they often come with a higher premium. On the flip side, you will have no complaint about the professionalism here as these Portuguese pharmacists are generally knowledgeable and you can count on them to offer competent advice and the shops usually stay open until late.

Choosing a Health Insurance in Portugal

 If you are planning a trip to Portugal, it is prudent that you find yourself and your family a reputable international insurance provider to protect against accident and incidental medical costs. Regardless the kind of insurance cover you are looking for, our staff would be able to guide you through all available plans, including Hospitalization, Outpatient, maternity or Dental. Our staff are committed to help you to find the most suitable coverage for you and/or your family.

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