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International Healthcare in Singapore



Healthcare in Singapore

In Singapore, the development and monitoring the country’s healthcare industry falls in the hand of Ministry of Health. Healthcare coverage in the island state is said to be comprehensive yet efficient. Both public funded government healthcare programs and international private healthcare providers play actives roles in shaping the healthcare landscape here.  

Singapore used to have a strict birth control policy, and the country has faced declining birth rates in last few decades. In 2006, the birth rate recorded was a measly 10.1 for every 1,000 citizens.  On the other end of the scale, the mortality rate in Singapore is impressive.  The death rate recorded for the same year was 4.3 for every 1,000 citizens; this is amongst the lowest in the world (if not the lowest). 

 In Singapore, the national healthcare policy is governed by 2 strict directives:

  • to enforce saving through legislations, and
  • to keep a tab on market pricing at the same time. 

Healthcare Providers in Singapore

 Private healthcare providers are seen as partners in universal healthcare implementation. They serve an important and complimentary role to the public sector by making comprehensive and expansive services available to add on to basic healthcare.  The country spent as much as 3% of the national gross domestic product (GDP) on healthcare investment with the private sector chalking up almost 67% of these expenditures.  Where infant mortality rate is concerned, World  Health Organization (WHO) acknowledged that Singapore enjoys the lowest infant mortality rate in the world (no country other than Iceland could come close to this record) and the island state happens to be one place where life expectancies are stretched the longest here. 

Healthcare quality in Singapore

Singapore has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, it is extremely efficient and offers excellent level of service.

 However, most agree that the approach that the authorities took on is quite unconventional and it may be difficult for other countries to try to duplicate. Some of more noteworthy measures include:

  • Enforced savings – workers are required by legislations to have a percentage of payroll (alongside partial and additional contribution from employers) deducted to go towards a government controlled fund.
  • Country wide catastrophic health insurance programs.     
  • Subsidies from government.
  • Government sets rules and regulations to keep a lid on supply/demand and regulate prices of medical products.

 The country is also blessed with stellar economic performance, and this has created a sizeable middle-income group. As a result, the affluent citizens are no longer content with the services provided from basic care; instead more and more are looking to private healthcare providers for complimentary care.

 There are a total of 10 public hospitals, 13 private hospitals and numerous specialist clinics in the country; all these facilities combined to offer different levels of medical services and costing structures to reflect the whole spectrum of patients’ needs.

There is no hard rule in place that put restrictions on the choice of medical facility one can access, so people can opt to go either government or private hospital. In addition, the 24-hours accident and emergency department found in all public hospitals can be used by any resident in the country.

 Singapore is a real flag bearer where quality medical treatment is concerned. All the medical facilities are manned by qualified medical professional and nursing staff; with some recruited from many top international medical universities.

Choosing a Health Insurance in Singapore

In order to choose the most suitable health insurance in Singapore it is important to understand the ins and out of Singapore Healthcare Medical organization. Please feel free to request a free quote and advice from our team of advisers in order to select the best Healthcare plan for your need in Singapore.

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