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International Healthcare in Spain



Healthcare in Spain

 In term of organization, not many foreign healthcare systems can match up to the medical system offered by the Spanish government. However good as it may be, it has showed some strain due to the imbalance between the demand and supply side. Due to this reason, some Spanish citizens actually favor private healthcare if the money part is no issue.

 The most often cited factor for this preference over private healthcare providers is that the patients do not have to put up with long wait times as they would do in the case of public healthcare. The private sector has embedded prompt and quality service to their offerings which please their new customers. In a public hospital, other than emergency situations, one typically has to endure long period of time to receive even outpatient treatment, let alone a proper consultation or a medical examination.

 The Spanish Medical Health system is named Instituto Nacional de la Salud locally. Its primary objective is to provide equal and unrestricted access to healthcare for all Spanish residents regardless of their social status or financial well being. A lot of these clinics and medical facilities are distributed loosely around rural places to ensure citizens could gain access to medical services even when they are located in some remote towns. This is the reason why Spanish Healthcare system has multiple regional headquarters so that medical staff and equipment can be made available at the fastest possible time in order to serve the interest of the remote community better, both regionally and locally.

The Spanish Healthcare organization works in 3 levels:

 1. Organizacion de la Administracion Central
The central administrator is the Ministry of Health, in Spanish Ministerio de Sanidad y Consumo. They are the policymakers of healthcare matters and they publish health guidelines for the entire industry. They usually work across the various agencies within the Ministry of Health and often draw up the list of prohibited Health products.

 2. Organizacion Autonomica
There are 17 Autonomous Communities which manage Medical services at local levels (Comunidades Autonomas). This is a community based facility to offer medical care to local Spanish people.

 3. Areas de Salud
This represents the crucial structure inside the Spanish medical system. It takes care of medical services within the Spanish Healthcare Community.

 Private Healthcare System in Spain

 In Spain, it is common for the private medical facilities and clinics in Spain to be backed by private insurance providers financially. The objective is that such arrangement can greatly reduce wait times and prevent backlog of cases. For foreigners going into Spain, it is advisable they do subscribe to an international insurance plan in order to protect from accidents and incidental medical costs.

How to obtain the most suitable healthcare plan in Spain

To find the most suitable Health Insurance plan in Spain please contact us; one of our highly skilled advisor will guide you in the choice of the best medical insurance plan in Spain.

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