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Pregnancy Healthcare cover


Having your pregnancy covered

Having a baby is an important decision. As pregnancy can be expensive,  It is advisable to make sure your Healthcare plan to cover the cost of your pregnancy.
It is possible to have either maternity delivery coverage or more globally being covered for several maternity aspects such as pre-delivery test.

You may choose to have only your new born delivery covered by your International Medical Insurance which will be less expensive than having full pregnancy cover.
Most International Health Insurance providers offer Maternity cover as an option.


Maternity waiting period

Typically, Healthcare Insurers waiting periods for maternity Healthcare coverage. Some Health insurance providers however offer maternity as an option without waiting periods.

You may also find Maternity built-in your International Healthcare plan. This can be a good option as you will not have to wait for your maternity waiting period to expire once you have reached it.


Planning your Maternity

It is also possible to change your Healthcare plan for another one at renewal so that you may choose when to deliver your baby according to your medical insurance maternity waiting period.
Planning your Maternity Healthcare in advance will ensure you have the best plan in force at the time you need it.

It is not advisable to look for a maternity Health insurance plan after you are pregnant as the choice you will face will be restricted. Our advisors can help you with the choice of your Maternity Healthcare plan.

If you wish to receive a quote for Maternity Healthcare cover, please ask us for a free quote.

International Health Insurance plans is an International Healthcare advisor. We offer International Healthcare plans International Medical Insurance plans in many countries around the globe.  We can advise you with the best Maternity Healthcare plan according to your own needs.

Whether you need a pregnancy insurance in your Home country to deliver your baby with your relatives or whether you would like to deliver your new born abroad our advisors can assist you finding the best Healthcare plan for you.

We have extensive experience working with International Health insurance companies and we can guarantee support before and after your chose your medical insurance plan. We have selected 2 tools to help you planning your maternity. Our ovulation calculator and pregnancy due date calculator are both available in our healthcare tools section.


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